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About Artful

Artful is a new kind an online gallery where extraordinary art comes at an ordinary price.


Everybody in the Artful Team shares a passion for outstanding art and an ambition to bring it into people’s lives in exciting ways. Hello, welcome and meet the team.

Rachel Hotchkiss – Founder and Curator

Rachel studied photography at New York University and has worked with leading photo agencies ever since. For over twenty years she has been privileged to work with many exceptional photographers, managing commissions from established artists and new talent.

Long appreciated as a fount of knowledge amongst friends wanting to buy photography, Rachel saw how out of touch the mainstream art market was for many people. Recognising an opportunity for a retail brand that could combine original curation, incredible quality and affordable prices, Rachel began work on Artful. With her wealth of knowledge and keen eye for talent, Rachel is our Head Curator.

Rachel lives in London with her partner and co-founder, two kids and an annoying cat.

Joshua Blackburn – Founder and Head of Customer Experience

Joshua spent ten years running the graphic design agency Provokateur, which he founded to help ethical organisations do good things. But after a decade of producing feisty and award winning work he decided his passion for design needed a new outlet. Like his partner Rachel, Joshua saw how the art world was inaccessible to many people and was interested in how the experience of buying art deserved a re-think.

For Joshua, the secret to Artful lies not only in the quality of the collection but in creating a better customer experience. Joshua takes care of all things digital as well as the neat touches that make the Artful experience what it is. He will also be curating Artful’s collection of graphic design when it launches in 2014.

The annoying cat Rachel lives with is his.

Caroline Blake – Head of Social Media & Community Engagement

Caroline has edited books, magazines and websites for nearly 20 years. She has worked for companies such as Penguin, The Good Food Guide, Barclays and The National Gallery.

Caroline’s interest in art began to flourish while working at Sotheby’s. Having watched people bid in millions for Old Masters, Caroline decided to invest in graduate art and has acquired a personal collection that currently gives her great pleasure, but may well prove to be a decent pension pot in years to come.

Caroline lives in London with her partner, son and a recalcitrant dog. She’d swap it for the cat in a heartbeat.


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