The Artful Collection - exclusively for Interior Designers

The Artful Project has long worked closely with interior designers, working on everything from large developments to single homes. 

Our experience in this area showed us the value of an art service specifically tailored to the needs of the professional design community. With this idea in mind, we worked on creating a new gallery designed, from the ground up, to support and supply design professionals. 

We looked at everything: from customer service and support to artwork curation and pricing. And the result is The Artful Collection - the art gallery for interior designers. The Artful Collection offers an exclusive collection of photography, fine art and graphic design. The work has been curated with interior designers in mind and the collection is continually expanding to reflect the diverse trends and tastes of our clients. 
You can read more about The Artful Collection here. And if you are interested in discussing your design requirements, please contact us here

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