Artful at Design Junction

As every interior designer and architect should know, Design Junction is fast approaching, and The Artful Project is thrilled to be in attendance. 

Amongst the many lighting and furniture stands, art isn't especially well represented; perhaps because galleries feel more at home at London's many art fairs. But Artful does things differently from traditional galleries. 

Over the last couple of years, Artful has developed close working relationships with interior designers and we have developed a range of specialist services for design professionals. Our 'in situ' art visualisation, for instance, allows clients and designers to see how artworks would look on their wall -without having to leave their computer. Similarly, our custom curation service enables us to work closely with clients and their designers to tailor a collection to the character of the space.

We believe that what you have on your walls is every bit as important as your tiles, sofa and light switches. It can even, dare we say, make you feel happier. So for us, representing contemporary photography at Design Junction is a no brainer. We can't wait! 

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