Camera Obscura...

Remember getting prints back from the photo lab with 'out of focus' stickers on them? It felt like a 
reprimand from the printing machine. Perhaps this explains why many people believe photographs 
that are blurred, shaken, hazy or obscured are, by definition, a mistake. 

But we love work that challenges this misconception. Just look at Edward Steichen's muddy and 
obscured landscapes or the magical haze within Hiroshi Sugimoto's work. Megapixel clarity is a fetish 
of the digital age - but something deeper is revealed within the grain and blur of such 'imperfect' work. 
It becomes a more human way of seeing - and feeling... altogether different from autofocus perfection. 

To celebrate this, we've chosen some of our favourite works within the Artful collection that play with 
how we see the world around us. Enjoy.  

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