Tree Trunks Peeling B

Artwork ID: JENTRE00147

My abstract artworks are created from photographs transformed into new idealised spaces. Rather than produce literal representations of landscapes I distilled the essential qualities of form, texture, color and detail into a new rendition based on my feelings and memory. Using Photoshop I combined up to six images overlapped and superimposed for each finished artwork. Often the photographs are orchestrated into complex interconnecting themes and variations and sometimes only on closer examination can you work out where one image stops and another starts. I like the idea that the space appears cinematic because of multiple viewpoints. Compositionally I am interested in having one’s eye travel around the photograph, never settling.

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35 x 16cm (edition of 150) - £180
(other sizes available on request)
Black wood, White wood, natural wood 22mm flat profile frame as standard. Custom framing also available.
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