Artwork ID: FRAGIR00107

I experienced a very conservative upbringing in Johannesburg, South Africa. But some of my most distinctive earliest memories were of my glamorous aunts and cousins who were the antithesis of my own surroundings. They were beautiful socialites, always dressing up and going to balls. I would watch them get ready, enchanted by their magnificence. This very voyeuristic act was in staunch contrast to my puritanical upbringing and it influenced my whole life. My work centers around escapism, fantasy and glamour. I strive to recreate the magical world of beauty and desire that I experienced as a child.

Since becoming a father my work has evolved to encompass and explore this new life experience. Observing the relationships between my wife and children has changed my vision.. It is based in reality, as opposed to my works of fantasy, but for me just as enchanting.

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61 x 43cm (edition of 35) - £625
(other sizes available on request)
Black wood, White wood, natural wood 22mm flat profile frame as standard. Custom framing also available.
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