Artwork ID: JAMCON00125

As a photographer, I work within the broad context and tradition of the landscape, be it rural or urban. In particular, I am interested in the inter-relationship between humans and their environment; that which we create and alter, and that which in turn alters us. Whilst my work crosses the boundaries between documentary and fine art photography, I would prefer to describe myself as a humanist photographer; I believe that photographs can speak of things that where words fail, and can communicate those things to a Wider audience in an eloquent and beautiful form.
Much of my work is created in places far afield such as China, Japan, Syria and Morocco. I was a photographer before I even picked up a camera, poring over copies of the National Geographic as a boy; I was curious and wanted to know about the world I live in and those others in it. This ethic still runs through my work; honesty, integrity and interest. That said, I also work in my own country and find the English an endless source of curiosity and interest.

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61 x 43cm (edition of 35) - £500
(other sizes available on request)
Black wood, White wood, natural wood 22mm flat profile frame as standard. Custom framing also available.
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