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Simon Ashmore

Artists - Simon Ashmore

Simon Ashmore is a Kent-based photographer who uses the medium to create distinctive, often abstract images that find easier comparison with some styles of painting and print-making than with photography as most people think of it.

In this work, the traditional photographic virtues of sharpness and notions of capturing an 'accurate' record of the scene in front of the camera, yield to an expressive language of mood, tone, and shape.

Dramatic seascapes, wild ink-like reflections, and dense forests are reoccurring subjects in Simon's work, which has been widely exhibited.

Typically each image is many hours in the making, as Simon applies 'in camera' and post processing techniques - often including the layering of many separate images - to achieve the desired outcome.

Speaking of his work, Simon has said "I think of photography, with all its rules and formalities, as somehow being about taming the subject so that images fit what we've come to expect. I want to untame my subjects. Trees, the sea and the sun are mysterious, powerful and wild. That's what I want to show."

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