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Frank Herholdt

Artists - Frank Herholdt

Frank grew up in South Africa where he studied fine art at the Johannesburg School of Art. While assisting the photographer Art Kane who was doing portraits of film stars on the set of a major film production he met the lighting cameraman Vilmos Zsigmond. Observing Zsigmond’s film lighting techniques radically influenced Frank.

He immediately started shooting tests using movie lighting techniques. Soon his new work started winning him awards and notice. His photography became known for its impeccably executed cinematic quality, as if the viewer has just walked into a movie.

But Frank’s work is about more than a look. His compositions have a narrative quality that is suggestive and enigmatic. Works like Seaview House and Evening #1 become beautiful riddles that are captivating, puzzling and, like much of his work, seductive.

Frank has won numerous international prizes, including awards from the NewYork Art Directors Club, the AOP, Communication Arts, London Photographic Awards and B&W Spider Awards.

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