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Collections - Rachel Hotchkiss {Founder & Curator}

Rachel Hotchkiss {Founder & Curator}

Curator's Collection

As Head Curator I'm not allowed to have favourites... at least, I can't admit to it. So my collection is more of a 'Welcome to Artful'; something that reflects the spirit and ambition of our venture.

When it comes to choosing work for Artful, I look for something a little different. I'm not interested in photography that just fills walls, although there's a lot of that about. For me, great photography, the stuff that stands out, can't just sit there looking pretty. It needs an edge... an angle... an idea. There's a narrative that draws you in and makes you look twice. That's when photography is working.

Every artwork in this collection possesses this intriguing quality. They're like half told stories where you have to imagine the ending. Is she falling or flying? Is she drowning or dreaming? And should we be concerned about a giant plastic monkey walking down the street?

Assembling this first Artful collection has been a labour of love but it thrills me to see this work together. I hope you get as much pleasure from looking at it as I've had finding it.

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