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Collections - Joshua Blackburn {Founder}

Joshua Blackburn {Founder}

Unexpected Pleasures

Photography is a narrative art that deals with snatched moments, like a form of visual eavesdropping. For me, this quality is what makes photography so engaging. The audience gets a window into an alternate reality that can be enigmatic and intriguing.

This is certainly what drew me to the works you find here. These stories, or story fragments, have an aura of the unreal and unexpected. Some, like Adrian Samson’s Night Visitors, are fantastic. Others, like James French's Beach, are almost cinematic. Even familiar subjects - the city skyline, the petrol station, the forest - have an unfamiliar quality that draws me in.

I love work like this because I can return to it again and again and feel its pull. It's a pleasure listening to a great storyteller, even when you've heard the story before, and it's the same with great photography. You want to stop and look... and look again.

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