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Artful Plus

Artful Plus offers a range of specialist art services for private and professional clients to make finding and buying art easy.


The Artful Project wants to take the doubt out of buying art and now gives customers the option to ‘loan’ art instead.

We understand that buying art can feel like a big commitment. Even when it’s affordable work, people can still worry about how a piece will look when it’s hanging on their wall. Our Art Loan service means that for a small monthly fee, they can have the art at home. If they want to keep it, they simply pay the outstanding balance on the artwork. And if not, they just return the work to us.

This Art Loan service is also available to professional clients.

If you are interested in Art Loans and want to know more about how they work and how much they cost, get in touch through the Contact page.

"The Most Beautiful Gift Certificate In The World"

Discover the poster-sized gift certificate that's a work of art. Literally.


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